Yashica MAT EM – some history

The EM is similar to the earlier Mat-LM that also has an uncoupled selenium light meter built into the nameplate. It was in production between 1964-67. This particular camera came to me in very bad shape. I kinda expected that based on the images that were shown. The focus knob was crooked, there was evident gunge all over, the leatherette was peeling off … light meter crooked. I guessed that this was going to be a fixer-upper … well I was right. The shutter blades were stuck open, the aperture blades were stuck open (moving the aperture lever showed the blades buckling), there was a greasy sludge all over the lenses, the light meter/logo plate was only being held on loosely by one screw … etc.

Note: Dave Gauer has a great restoration/repair page on the Yashica D with a Copal MVX shutter.

Working on TLR’s is fairly easy if it is just for cleaning the shutter and lens. Dealing with the winding, and focusing mechanism requires a bit more work taking things apart.

This one took me a while as there were many screws that could not be removed by normal means, and I got distracted by other things in life …


6 thoughts on “Yashica MAT EM – some history”

      1. Thank you for the information !

        Στις 11:01 μ.μ. Πέμπτη, 7 Απριλίου 2016, ο/η This Old Camera έγραψε:

        Dennis commented: “You can try http://www.micro-tools.com (their european site is not updated yet) …” | |

  1. Hi. My Yashica Mat LM is in similar condition to your EM. I fixed the stuck shutter speed cam and everything works with the shutter again. Even the self timer. However, I destroyed the big brass screws that secure the lens board. Any idea what size they may be, or where I could get replacements? Thanks!

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