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Tools, tools, tool.

I frequently mention tools … because without them I could not do all this stuff. I am always encountering a situation when I think, crap I wish I had a <enter tool name here>. There will always be a time where you don’t have the best thing to do the job, so you make due, or you get the thing you need … or at least the closest thing.

One of the reasons the Yashica-MAT EM took so long was the seized screws and also some screws where the heads have been sheared off by a previous owner. The best way I could think of was to drill out the brass screws. I tried using my Dremel handheld … that didn’t work so well, as either I was moving too much and broke the bit or drilled out too much of the sides of the hole.

I needed a drill press. Well I looked and mini drill press’ are not easily found or cost too much … or where too big. Then I found that Dremel makes a Workstation. A drill press that I can attach my Dremel to.

I also bought a bunch of micro metal drill bits, a mini vise, and a mini tap and die set.

With the new tool I was able to deftly drill out the brass screws without damaging the threading !!