Minolta-35 – the shutter and speed gears

If the slow speed is not so good then you will need to pull out the insides. This also provides access if you are bold enough to do a shutter curtain replacement … which requires a lot of boldness.

You will need to have the some of the top items removed, so look at my previous post about removing the top.

Tools: slotted screw drivers, spanner wrench, q-tips, Ronsonal,

First take off the bottom plate.

Remove screw by tripod socket.

Unscrew the lock screw over the door lock dial with the spanner wrench (or tweezers).

Pull off lock dial

There will be a compression washer underneath.

Note that the part on the inside will fall out in the body.

Remove screw (I think on Ver. B there may be more than one).

Pull off the bottom plate.

I decided to unscrew the other two parts under the door lock, though it is not necessary.

From the front of the body there will be four screws that need to be removed.

The two on the bottom my look odd … in my case, the head was shaved down on one side so that the bottom plate would fit properly. Looks like a slight design opps as they did not make the lower body wide enough account for the size of the screws.

Open the camera back.

Remove all the screws that hold the cover plates on.

Ver. A has only one screw on the right plate.

The large cover plate is take off by lifting the left side to allow the right side to pivot away from underneath the film takeup spool.

Remove the last screw (on the top left).

Finally back to the bottom, remove the two screws.

Now you can pull out the insides.

This image is the rear view.

The shutter release gears and high speed gears are all located in the top portion.

Give this a good wash with Ronsonol.

Looking at the front side you can see the slow speed gears located in the bottom. Ronsonol and exercise … you can press the little lever on the right side of the gears.

Put the winding knob and shutter pin back in so you can work all the mechanisms.

You can view the condition of the shutter curtains. The material used on the Minolta-35 does not age well if the camera has been left unused for a long time. The curtain material gets stiff and will form to the rollers. When this happens it causes resistance that will either throw off the timing or cause the shutter not to close properly … or worst case, torn curtains when some idiot just winds the hell out of it.

Each curtain has a take spool and a spring loaded roller that the straps are attached to.

One day I may talk about replacing a cloth shutter … right now I will leave this subject alone.

The rest of the body shell showing the self timer gear box.

You can put some Ronsonol on that to clean it up … and also on the focus actuating arm.


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