Seikosha MX shutter

One thing that I have commonly encountered are cameras with shutter problems. Shutters that don’t work at all, ones with incorrect speeds, or ones that don’t have working slow speeds.

Many older cameras had Copal or similar type shutters.

Restoring these to working order is not that difficult … though getting into them may be difficult in some cases.

SONY DSC This is a Seikosha MX shutter. Very similar to a Copal.

The lower section controls the slow shutter speeds, usually less than 1/30x. These gears get gummed up. The easiest way to clean them is to use Rosonol. Apply the lighter fluid and then work the slow speeds. You probably will have to do this numerous times … and then you might have to do it again after the Rosonol evaporates.


2 thoughts on “Seikosha MX shutter”

  1. I have a Aires 35V which works fine on the B setting although all other film speeds I try trigger the fastest speed triggers when set to any other than the B setting. Example set at 1 second the speed when triggered sounds like 1/400 speed. Definitely a big problem I think to repair. I had tried the lighter fluid used for cigarette lighters many time receiving no better results

  2. Hmm, I would guess that the speed cam is not engaging all those little levers properly … would be as if someone took it apart and then forgot to make sure all the arms were in the proper place.
    This camera has interchangeable lenses, so I guess the shutter may not be the easiest to get at ?? I have not found any info on this.

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