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Ok, so I was going to make a new page about … well, new stuff … but I can’t make it into a blog updated page, so I am just going to add this content to my regular repair stuff. Another reason I’m adding this stuff is cause I am slow to add new repair content, so I gatta add something.

Lately I have been thinking real hard about tripods. I like tripods, I have two of them … I like monopods, and I also have two of them … both have their uses … and both have limitations. I shoot wildlife with a telephoto zoom, I shoot landscapes, I shoot fungi, and I shoot macro … while hiking … soooo, what I need is a tripod that is as compact and light as a monopod that has some height and can shoot low.

I have been hunting around for the past couple of weeks for such thing, and really thinking of what I really need. There are some very light and compact tripods, but they are either not strong enough or they are very $$$$$$ … hmm, I really don’t like spending that much money for a tripod. One other thing that I noticed is that many of the travel tripods do not have a split center column, this means that I would have to invert it to shoot low (and there are some that the column is not even retractable or removable) … I was never crazy about invertion shooting on a tripod.

I think I am asking for too much.

I have ordered a Joby Gorillapod SLR-Zoom with ball head … will make another post about it after I have tried it out … and the reasoning behind getting such a thing.