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As a “fə-ˈtä-grə-fər” I thought I would add a photograph.

This I have shown before on TPF, but it happens to be one of the few handy scans that I have.

This was taken with the Ricoh Diacord G. The Rikenon lens on this TLR is excellent … knob winding camera, with manual cocking shutter, and two thumb focus lever. I believe the film was Ilford Delta 100, developed with Rodinal/Blazinol and scanned on a Minolta Scan Multi … tweaked in Adobe Lightroom.

The Diacord came with a sticky shutter button and the slow speeds where off.

I’ve always found the “feel” of pictures taken on film more visually appealing than digital images. Not sure if that is my ego saying that … I think that film photographers have this attitude that tells them that film is “better” than digital … or that the images are so familiar looking it makes them “feel” right. Not sure.

The above image has that “rightness” to me, and the Minolta scanner did a great job of reproducing the tonality of the negative. Maybe the tones, or the subject … or just the fact that I shot and developed that thing myself … there’s that ego thing again.