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Brownie Hawkeye clean up

Tools – Philips screwdrivers, and cleaning stuff

Ok, so I thought I would clean up the old Brownie. Looking through the viewfinder was a mat of dust particles, and the lens was covered with something.

The front metal cover plate is secured by four screws.

Push down on the viewfinder glass, on top, to maneuver the metal plate off.

Many things will just fall out at this point … so make sure you grab them all.




There is actually no lens element in front the shutter, just a square glass protector.

The Viewfinder is just held together with pressure from a spring plate and the front metal cover.




The back end is removed by the two internal screws.

Under that is one spring washer.

The camera lens can be popped out by pushing from the inside.


Pull off the metal plate and it will reveal the shutter mechanism.

Not much here.

… and that’s all folks