The beginning

Hmm, this adventure begins with a story that was told by my Grandmother about the time when I took the bolts off her toilet … I was going to figure out where the water went.

My family figured out that if they gave me things to take apart I would not damage essential items such as the toilet. I also had a flair for drawing … not sure how these two things connect, but somehow they do now. The interest in “Art” lead me to photography, and the interest in finding out how things work lead me to dismantling many cameras.

Now I am here. I will tell you up front that I have no formal training in camera repair (I always did want to work at a camera repair shop … like Komineks), so all this stuff that I blog about is really an adventure in photographic equipment restoration. Most of my knowledge has come from others on the Web that were kind enough to pass on their knowledge to others like me that have an interest in repair … the other side is the ability to figure out why that thing you just did was the wrong thing to do.

Repairing old photographic equipment requires some creative construction, as parts are not easily available. Cannibalism is extremely common and required in most cases.

The advent of eBay has played a big part in the stimulus to bring back the dead. There are so many items that are dropped onto auction from those that have no knowledge of the history of photographic equipment. These items are now accessible to millions of people that would never have seen such items … though many are purchased as trinkets from the old days, many are purchased from buyers that will actually use them to produce images. In the olden days I remember getting stuff at garage sales that my mom brought me to. Lots of travelling to get stuff cheap … though there are still always the local thrift stores.

Anyway … hmm, where was I going with this … ahhh, hmm.


The adventures of this guy who tries to restore and repair vintage photographic equipment … and wins (most of the time).

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