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As expected, the number of visitors to my blog has been increasing since its start just some 4 years ago … so thanks for viewing my stuff (not that stuff). This year I actually got over 10,000 views. I don’t think I will be breaking any blog records with that, but it is nice that my efforts are not worthless.

As I briefly mentioned in a previous post … I am a little delayed in my new ones. I’ve run into some parts issues that have prevented me from posting, but they will be up soon (I hope) …


Opps …

Made some errors on my mercury battery post … which is now corrected.

Blame the beer !!!

eBay … Autocord.

Hmm, was just hunting eBay for Minolta Autocords … I don’t know why I keep looking for these cameras … and I notice that the price has been really jacked up.

I just saw one that commented on a fugly one that it has great patina ? Really ? It really is need of a thorough CLA … and it has the classic bent focus knob … way too much $$$ for a starting price.

I wonder if this has anything to do with my blog … hmmm, maybe I am thinking too highly of myself … but I do constantly see that my Autocord posts are still the most actively viewed ones.

Yes, it is a great camera … but not worth that much (that some of these people are asking), its almost like Rollei prices.

FYI: for those that want a great TLR, you should hunt for a Ricoh Ricohmatic 225 … it has a great lens and can still be found cheap (most of the time). I still keep my eye out for one with the Color-Back 225 35mm film adapter kit.

… note # x

When repairing more than one camera … remember which parts go with the right camera.

Back tracking numerous months … earlier this year I got a hold of a number of TLR’s. I started working on one, then set it aside and starting working on another … then left them for a bit.

When I came back to put back one camera I was stumped on how to put it back together … for some reason I could not get the front panel on … I logically tried to figure it out … I researched the web … I asked some questions … but for some reason it did not fit … then it occurred to me today, since I was working on similar cameras (both Yashica’s) that I put the wrong lens on the wrong camera !!!

Sooooo, note # x … keep different camera parts in separate areas so you do not mix them up.

It’s getting colder …

I am getting reminders by Mother Nature that it is coming to that time again where I spend most of my time indoors … so that means I will have to get back to the workbench.

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