Sonic … hedgehog, screwdriver … no, ultra!!

Tools … tools … more toooooollllllls.

Can’t get enough of that Sugar Crisps … opps, wrong thought. Ok, tools.

Eh, got mentally distracted by the TV.


My last post was about taking a Gauthier type shutter apart … and one of the things I really did not want to do was break the escapements down to their individual gears to give them a cleaning, as I would have to put it back together. So I thought of getting an ultrasonic cleaner.

Now I know somewhat about them, as my clock fixing friend has one and has suggested I get one, and also suggested by the Learn Camera Repair group … but I have never felt I needed it. Well, I changed my mind once I noticed that these thing are pretty cheap … in price, and possibly in quality … so why not.

I decided to buy the Magnasonic Compact Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner, cause it looked cute … and it was one of the cheapest ones, yes I have a cheap thing. Ok, so lets try out cleaning stuff by putting it into a collapsing void !!


Well, it is slightly larger than a Rolleicord.

Ok, so lets see how it does … I took a knob off of a Kodak Vigilant Six-20 (1939-49). I cleaned the right half with my usual Q-tip, toothbrush, ronsonal, alcohol, and soapy water … the left I left untouched for the ultrasonic cleaner to tackle.


First attempt at cleaning by hand.








One round through the ultrasonic cleaner … which is only 5 minutes long.

Solution of water, a drop of dish soap, and a cap of vinegar.



DSC00776This is the second round.


I will let you be the judge.

I think it is a keeper.





Clean up those escapements.




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