Learn camera repair !!!

Now, I will have to say that most of my knowledge about fixing things has come about just by experience, reading stuff, trial and error, and asking the right questions. I was lucky in growing up in an environment that nurtured me to think, provided access to tools to take everything apart (example, toilet … hmm, not a good example), but especially gave me broken things to play with as a child.

I don’t always get it right … I do get most things right … but it is not always the right way to get it right.

Recently a group has appeared that is offering formal training on Camera Repair. Initiated by Gene Pate (camera repair technician), he has permission to offer the National Camera Repair Course to everyone.

I suggest … hmm, strongly suggest … that you go through the course. This is invaluable material for anyone working with trying to restore a Camera or lens. It will teach you how things work, and especially why it works that way.

Learn Camera Repair – website

They also have a Facebook page as a forum: Learn Camera Repair – Facebook page

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