Nikon FE … lacks power.

So, I got a Nikon cause it was listed as “for pieces or repair”. I’ve don’t tend to get more modern cameras but it was going for a pretty fair price so I though I would try to repair one of these more electronic ones … well I was disappointed after I showed up !!!

The camera does not power up … hmm. It is missing a battery holder/cover. So I hunted around and found a replacement part …  and a couple of LR44 batteries … I really didn’t even have to clean the damn thing.

The only reason I am posting this is because it is a nice looking camera that also works great.

The Nikon FE came out 1 year after the FM, in 1978 … hmm, this camera is younger than I am. It shares much of the same body construction, and it is much more electronic. The FE has an electronic shutter (plus mechanical 1/90s + bulb) and offers aperture priority and manual exposure using a match needle system. It, like the FM, can handle Ai and non-Ai lenses (unlike the FE2) using stop-down metering.

You will notice that, like the FM, the model name is discrete. Nikon decided not to splash it in bold letters on the front like most other cameras (look for the tiny FE/FM beside the serial number on the back) … hmm, I wonder why? … oh, and it has a little dent (wasn’t me).


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