Baldinette … just clearing the view.

Sadly, this Balda Baldinette came to me in almost perfect condition … the only thing I had to do was clean out the viewfinder port and give it a shine.

DSC00552 1 First thing to do is to remove the rewind knob … just unscrew it.

Then remove the film counter while holding outter knurled ring.

The four screws hold the top plate on … remove them and then lift off top cover. You can go inside and clean out the viewfinder ports.

DSC00553 1Under the cover … as this is not a rangefinder camera there is not much here … you can clean counter dial and red dot.

Make sure the red dot mechanism is moving freely … after putting the top plate back on, make sure the red dot is still moving after advancing and tripping the shutter.

If you do want to get into the shutter, I noticed the focus distance ring would need to be marked to reposition it correctly when you put it back on.



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