Quick load … from the top.

Sooo, the Canonet … I thought this was going to be a simple fix. Camera shutter did not fire. My guess, gummed up shutter blades.

I have now taken most of the camera apart.

I will start with the easy part … cleaning the view/rangefinder.


  • Screw drivers
  • Q-tips
  • Rubber ring grip thing-a-mabobs

Unscrew the rewind knob, by opening the back and jamming the spool with a chopstick …

Get your rubber thing (no, that one) and get a grip on the shutter button ring to unscrew it.

See, this is what the rubber thing I mean actually looks like but I cannot actually name at this moment.

Note the brash washers underneath the winder arm.

Remove the three screws holding the top plate on.

Pull off top cover.

To access the viewfinder you need to take off the black cover plate.

The brown thing on the right is the galvanometer for the light sensor. There is a shellacked screw in the center … you can adjust this if your meter is off, or bend the indicator arm.

When cleaning, be aware of the arm that shows the aperture setting … do not bend it out of shape.

This particular camera had a problem where it did not release the shutter. I did actually start by looking at the shutter, then realized the problem was (Saint) elsewhere.

I figured out that when the shutter button was depressed (yes, they do get very sad after not been touched for a very long time) it did not move the release arm enough. I think that over time the metal starts to wear down from friction.

It appears from the design, that Canon figured out that this would happen … so they made the part in a cone shape on an adjustable screw.

When the bolt is released, the cone can be adjusted up or down … in my case it needed to be lowered to add more horizontal movement to the arm.

Great, now the shutter button works … and the viewfinder and rangefinder are cleaner.

I will get to the other parts … when I get finished with the other parts … this is just 1 of 3.



One thought on “Quick load … from the top.”

  1. Going to be handy Dennis Thanks. Have one of these with a non working shutter as well, probably lots of other stuff broken too..

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