Joby Gorillapod SLR-Zoom … initial thoughts

Well just got it in the mail.

Is taller than I thought (forgot to add height of ball head and tripod collar). The camera sits about 35cm / 14″ off the ground (mid sensor).


I slapped my Sony A77mII with the Sigma 150mm f/2.8 Macro … total weight 1.8kg / 4lbs. Seems steady enough for low shutter speeds, though I would still use the 2s timer or a remote to trigger the shutter … it feels not solid enough. That’s to be expected for such a device, and I was not expecting it to be.

The rated capacity is 3kg / 6.6lbs but the ball head and the quick release shoe make is a little shaky on top. The shoe snaps in and there is no way of tightening it so there is a little play … I took of the Joby ball head and it feels a little steadier, though you do loose the directional control of the ball head.

I tried a long exposure … 30s … set it for a 2s timer delay … I left the Sony SteadyShot on … the there is obvious  shake in the image. I turned off SS and set the Sigma OS on 2 … much better … then I turned that off, so no stabilization (which is the recommended setting when using a tripod) and it did produce a pretty sharp image. Not bad for a slightly shaky tripod, though I don’t think I would rely on this tripod for such long exposures if the wind is blowing.

Will see what I get in actual field use.



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