Babble .. on

I feel like typing something …

Ok, so I am going to tell you a bit more about me.

Long, long ago in a land far away … no, that’s not right … A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away … nope, that’s not true either … ok, it was many years ago.

My beginnings that started this blog originates with my father. I was introduced with building/fixing thing from him. I grew up in a house with a basement full of tools. I played with tools, which was a really cool thing. Most importantly I was curious … so curious that I wanted to know what happens if you loop a wire into an electrical outlet … or how high can you build a fire with petroleum products.

I was lucky enough to go through an education system that had programs that introduced me, early on, to metal and wood work. This continued through to high school … I still remember my metal shop teacher saying “sal ammoniac”.

My start with photography happened in highschool with an interest in Astronomy. I really wanted to get a telescope … but for some reason I ended up buying an SLR camera kit (a Canon T70) from Astro Photography. Later on in life, through a family connection, I got a job working at Japan Camera Centre as a salesperson. I wasn’t all that great at sales, as I really only cared about the equipment. I ended up spending more than a decade there, working myself up to managing one of their stores. As a photographer one of the best things to do is work at a camera store … you can buy stuff at cost price … and also get introduced a lot equipment.

Another piece of luck was my wife. We worked together at JCC and eventually got together … ahh, those were the days. I was also introduced to a new friend, through my wife who worked at Silvano Colour Lab, Craig … I think he was like me, but many years before me and he knew everything about fixing and making things that were beyond my knowledge, he is one reason why I started this blog … I wanted to pass on my experiences, like the information that both he and my father passed on to me. In some way I am not actively refurbishing cameras for myself, if I did it would only be for few cameras that I would use myself … not for the purpose of just refurbishing them. I have to give credit to the Internet for allowing me to share this information to all of you.

Hmmm, I’ve gotten bored with writing now … or I have lost interest in caring on with this topic … so long and thanks for all the fish … the end.

One thought on “Babble .. on”

  1. No babbling. Enjoy your posts to death. Just picked up an old Voigtlander Bessa 1. It has been CLA’d and works beautifully. Color Skopar lens.

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