Canon F-1n, almost original

I picked up this one because it was cheap. It was described as having a non-working shutter … my guess, mechanical failure. Since I used to have the Canon F-1N (New version), I thought I would give it a shot.

Well it turns out that it was more than just a mechanical problem. I get the camera and the shutter button cannot depress, and the winding arm is in a locked position.

I open the back and do not see any shutter curtains … but wait, I see a small crinkle of thin metal poking out the left side … I take my tweezers and pull out the ripped titanium second curtain.

It appears that someone was clumsy enough to rip the shutter.

I am envisioning … opening the back to put some new film in.

Pulling the film leader across … camera slips and thumb goes right through.

Ok, now to figure out why the shutter release/winding is stuck.

For this I need access to the bottom gears.

Unlike my F-1N, the only thing holding the bottom plate is the battery door.

There are three plates to remove … though only the left one is actually needed in this case.

I tried turning the winder coupling to see if any of the mechanisms moved … and they did.

This is good news.

There is one part in the middle that has a notch in it. This notch allows the shutter button to be depressed. If the shutter is partially wound this notch will not line up with the shutter release arm.

After turning the winder coupling completely, knotch mated up to the shutter release arm and I was able to depress the shutter.

I noticed during the winding that a spring had come loose. This spring pulls two toothed arms together so that the shutter release cam can be turned. Since the spring fell off one side, the cam could not be turned into the correct position.


6 thoughts on “Canon F-1n, almost original”

  1. Hi, trying my luck here.

    I’m working on an original F1 with a shutter arming problem : The mirrors locks up when i wind, and i can’t fire the shutter

    When you wind the shutter, ithink there is a little thing that grabs the mirror box mechanism to lock it, and release it when you press the shutter release : mine doesn(t go far enough. I moves a little but not enough.
    When i put it in the right place by and, while arming the shutter, i can fire at all speed.

    Do you know what causes this lever to move and grab the mirror mechanism ? If so, do you have any idea about my problem ?

    Hope this all emssage is understandable.

  2. Sorry, don’t know that much about that mechanism.
    Looking at my broken F-1, I can see that the mirror is spring loaded … I can see an arm in the mirror box that pushes it up … even if that arm is locked up I can still release the shutter.

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