Sony … rhymes with boney

Ah, Sony … what can I say … hmm.

Now what the heck is a modern electronics company like Sony doing in a blog about restoring photographic equipment? Well, I have Sony digital cameras and lenses so eventually this should pop up.

Sony got in the digital SLR business when Konica-Minolta started negotiating with them to cooperate in making cameras. Sony said all or nothing … so KM sold the photo division to Sony in 2006. Konica-Minolta had produced two DSLR’s, the 5D and 7D before it all went to Sony.

Sony continued to keep the Maxxum A-mount and that kept people like my wife happy as she had an investment in Maxxum lenses. Sony utilized KM’s extensive camera background with their knowledge in sensor technology to advance what was left off … plus Sony already had a long relationship with Carl Zeiss !!

I, sadly, made the decision to sell all my Canon stuff and switch to Sony. Looking back at it now I should have kept my lenses to mount on my Sony NEX camera … crap … little did I know that Sony was going to make mirrorless cameras that had a short flange focal distance (which makes it possible to use many types of lenses/mount types with a simple adapter).

Anyway … the next post will be about a Sony lens repair.

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