A little note about my methodology …

In some of my postings you may notice that the images don’t exactly look like I am documenting the disassembly process … well you are right.

This is what I do …

  1. First I look at the item to figure out what is defective (visually).
  2. Read the manual (if possible).
  3. I exercise the mechanical parts … figure out what does not work.
  4. I look at any glass elements that need cleaning.
  5. Research how to take it apart … failing that I make a guess.
  6. Take apart and clean lens
  7. Take apart something else … figure out how it works mechanically.
  8. Continue to take things apart
  9. Put it back together
  10. Make sure it is working properly
  11. Take it apart again
  12. Start documenting in reverse.

Since my blog posts of the servicing is in reverse, and I explain it un-reversed, it sometimes does not come out clearly if you are disassembling the item from an assembled state.

… and I also forget to take pictures of things before I re-assemble it, and I really don’t want to take it apart a third time (though sometimes you finish only to realize that something is not working right … or you are left with a part or two that were forgotten … I hate when I can’t figure out where the part went).


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