I was dealing with the dreaded issue with iPhone cords fraying at the ends … I used liquid electrical tape on them in the past, but I found that eventually it hardens too much after time and breaks off, or the cable starts fraying at the point where the liquid electrical tape ended.

Searching the web I found, and tried, a solution described by Liem Bahneman … Teflon Tape.

Actually the tape can’t be called “Teflon” tape as DuPont does not make this product anymore and it is a trademarked name … so it is PTFE tape, or plumbers tape.

Just start wrapping it around the affected area. Keep it tight and don’t be afraid of using a lot of it.

Just pull/tear it off when you are done.

The PTFE material does a nice job of sticking to itself so you do not need to adhere the ends.

Looks good and is flexible so to reduce the fraying in the future … thank you Liem.

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