Same camera different stuff ?

Hmm, I thought I would bring this up … thanks to Simon.

Simon was working on restoring his Minolta Autocord and he found my blog post. He got into a jam because the shutter on my post was not the same as his model.

Many older cameras were produced in different variants as time went on. Most often the model name printed on the camera remains the same, but they change physical components and they then become a group of many sub-models under one primary model name.

The Minolta Autocord had many variants all noted under the same name … the main variance in the model was the shutter. Here is a list: Optiper MXS, Optiper MXV, Sheikosha MX, Sheikosha Rapid, Optiper M, Optiper MVL, and finally the Citizen MVL.

So keep aware that when servicing a camera shutter, you need info on that specific model of shutter and not the camera model. This is one reason why I specifically note the shutter model when it is applicable. The Seikosha MX shutter I described was not like the Citizen MVL that Simon had. Luckily most older cameras had shutters that were clearly labelled on them.

Also note the variants of a camera type like the Canon rangefinders … the II, III, and IV series are similar but may differ in some components so disassembly instructions for my IIF may not be correct for a IV … another example is the Leica IIF, which is different than a IIC in some components (which I found out the hard way).

Sometimes you can use the service instructions from one model to help you guess with a different model … but sometimes life is like a box of chocolates.


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