I got GAS and it’s time to let it out.

It happens … G.A.S.

As I am not that socially web aware I didn’t pick up on the GAS acronym while glancing over forum posts. Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

I love to buy Gear, but it usually has a purpose … with the case of repairing items, it has a limited lifetime. That lifetime ends when it is repaired/restored.

So for me, I am at that point where I have too much Gear. Now is time to get rid of them and obtain new Gear !!!!

Actually GAS is exciting. Love the GAS … especially cheap GAS … GAS is good, well I should say self controlled GAS is good. When GAS gets out of hand it creates collections. I have never really understood the use for collections … even though I do have a small collection of cameras. What good is collecting when it is just sitting there ? Is it the thrill of saying “I have a xxxx and you don’t” ? Is it the never ending struggle of achieving the greatest number of cameras over the next collector ?

I don’t know … all I know is that I don’t have chronic GAS, which is good as there is always a relieve valve.



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