Minolta Autocord

I have been requested to start my first camera service post with the Minolta Autocord “export” TLR.

My wife had a Yashica-A TLR that she purchased at a used photographic fair many years ago. I wanted to replace that with a higher IQ camera. In my searches for a “cheap” Rolleiflex I discovered the Minolta. As she is also a fan(girl) of Minolta cameras, I decided to get one for her. You can get some more info about the camera on the About the subjects page.

I got a great deal as the seller was not pricing it high. It was noted as being in not so great cosmetic shape and in unknown working state.

I decided to take the risk that it could be repairable by myself.

It was actually in worse condition. The leatherette was peeling off in many places or was missing, the image in the viewfinder was dim, the focus lever was stiff and not all the shutter speeds operated.

My Web searching began … most of what I discovered was dismantling the Yashica TLR’s. I think that they were cheap and plentiful so many people have done work on them without fear of losing a lot. Many bookmarks later I was ready to tackle the repair and restoration.

The image here is after I peeled off some the leatherette and gave it a surface cleaning. I don’t have an image of the camera when I received it.

I will split up this process into different posts, otherwise it would be one really long one. My blog posts will be about a particular section that I worked on.

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