Minolta Autocord – viewfinder

The first thing to clean is the viewfinder mirror and the rear of the viewing lens.

Tools: slotted screw driver, Q-tips, a cleaning cloth, Windex / Lens cleaning solution, blower brush, and Rosonol.

Pull open the hood.

There are two screws on each side of the hood.

Remove all four.

Pull off upwards to remove the hood.

Now you can access the mirror box and also you have access to the rear of the viewing lens.

With really old cameras there may be a lot of dust in this area. Clean the interior of the box with Rosonol.

Clean the mirror with Windex/Lens cleaning solution.

You will notice that there is some play in the position of the mirror. You can make adjustments to center it.

Clean the rear lens element. You might need to bend the end of a Q-tip to get at it easier.

If you take a look at the underside of the hood you will see the bottom of the ground screen.

Do NOT clean this surface. If you do, you will damage it.

If this surface is dusty, then use a blower brush to lightly clean it and blow it off.

You can now put the hood back on.

Secure it with the four screws.

Open the hood.

You can clean the top surface of the ground screen, this side is safe.

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