How to start repairing

First, go to your local Thrift store and buy all the cameras/lenses that you can for $20.00. The older the better. This should give you at least two items … possibly five.

Look at the size of the screws holding the items together.

Go to Radio Shack or your local Home Hardware, and get some precision slotted screw drivers or other mico slotted type.

Get some pointy tweezers from somewhere … not sure exactly on that one.

Clear a nice desk area to work at.
Get a good lamp on an arm cause you will need to move it around.

Get some duct tape. Drink some beer, a 6 pack of bottles. Rip 4″ of duct tape. Stick the 6 beer caps on them. Now you have some cups to hold the various screws that you will remove in an orderly manner.
OK, you could probably find something else to organize the disassembly.

Surf the Web … If you are lucky you can search the Web and will find someone else that disassembled the same camera.

Take the camera apart.
Then put it back together.

Note what problems you had with your tools or lack of them. You probably were not able to take it all apart (at least without breaking something).
In order to get experienced in this … you need to know about what not to do and what you can do … you need to make the mistakes now so you don’t do it to an item that you really want to repair.


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