About “About the tools” …

I thought I would add some more info about tools … since my last post was about figuring out how to repair cameras for the first time.

My first tool was a set of precision screw drivers. These I have always had since I also do/did Laptop repairs (another one of those hobbies that I picked up). Out of all the tools that I have, these are the most essential … and I have picked up many sets over time (like those damn torx heads). You can never have enough, and you will encounter a screw that you just don’t have the right size to fit. Reminds me of a friend of mine … his workshop has hundreds of different screw drivers, just because he has encountered all these damn sizes in his time.

If you don’t have the right sized slotted screw driver, you will curse yourself for stripping the head of of that last one you just tried to remove !!

Web sites like Favourite Classics offered tons of information from their posts and through the forum. Sadly the forum is dead now, but you can still get info out of the site: http://www.kyphoto.com/classics/articles.html. Google can still find the archived articles but eventually they will disappear. The Rangefinder forum is attempting to integrate the archives … but they have run into a snag which I hope they overcome.

A couple of high end stainless steel pointed tweezers (large and small) are also another tool that is essential. Picking up or holding those tiny screws … or using them as a spanner wrench (when you do not have one). Don’t bother with the cheap ones as they aren’t that strong.

One shop that I have used a number of times is Micro Tools http://www.micro-tools.com/store/home.aspx. They have a number of camera specific tools, and many other items. Almost all of the items on my About the Tools page can be purchased from this single shop.

Watch/Clock repair shops also sell a number of precision tools.

The local hardware store is where I have picked up cleaning chemicals, though I am not too happy about the volume … 1L of Acetone will last me more than a lifetime.


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